4 comments on “Companies and Web 2.0

  1. hey nice, blog i do like how you used the police as an example rather then another business, i do remember a case when QLD had the floods a year ago, I saw the police put a comment on facebook saying if someone has been missing in action for a few days put them up on facebook and we’ll see what we can do and it really helped people. Good blog overall 🙂

  2. Nicole,

    It’s fantastic that QPS are using tools like Twitter to communicate with the public for different events. Your examples of how the QPS have adopted several of the wikinomics business model really shows how fair they have come in the modern web 2.0 world.

    awesome stuff!


  3. Hi Nicole,
    I am also a subscriber of QPS on Facebook and am to stay informed with what’s happening around us.
    I think it is important that they acknowledge and address the misuse of the page where it was used to report crimes or for emergency request. It’s good to see that they have stated this upfront and also removed the ability to post on their wall.
    I wrote something similar this week on Brisbane City Council using social media for disaster management. QPS did the same too which helped a lot of people, and even save lives (if I can put it that way).

  4. Hey Nicole nice to see you are always on time with your posts, shame i cant say the same for all my comments in the last week or so :(. sorry about being so late. nice post though, i think Facebook is a great tool to use for just about anything if you want people to know. QPS have definitely stepped into the modern world by using social media, it is such a shame to see people didn’t understand what it was about though. It would be common sense to ring the police if you had a matter of some urgency though right…. Thanks for the good read.

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