3 comments on “Red Bull gains Acceptance

  1. Hi Nicole

    Interesting blog post. Your redbull example makes me wonder if companies are using the youth of today for their own evil agenda, Eg, trying to encourage the youth to take up smoking. There are laws to stop tabacco companies from advertising on TV but what about on facebook?

    what are your thoughts on the matter

    • I think many laws have no been updated to reflect the radical changes in technology. As you mentioned, tobacco companies are restricted from advertising on TV however may still advertise on Facebook as long as they comply with advertising policies. I’m assuming that if a tobacco company can monitor and control what their fans post on their Facebook profile, they would not be denied a Facebook page to push their agenda of widening their customer base and popularity.

      This demonstrates that the law probably does need to be updated to reflect social media outside the advertising legislation; however this may require a precedent. I’m sure it will happen eventually. 🙂

  2. Sorry about the late comment once again, although its nice to see you are on time still :). Interesting post, RedBull i guess is a company that is finding it hard to gain more followers given the recent media frenzy over energy drinks. it is nice to see some one over come all the bad press for once!, they have definitely done a great job on promotion and letting people know they are still there. What do you think some more of the risks would be for RedBull using these methods to gain followers?

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