4 comments on “Airport wiki strategy to help meet social objectives

  1. Hello Nicole!

    Great post, I also researched into the BNE airport and why they haven’t implemented an internal Wiki yet.. It’s quite surprising isn’t it? They need to do it and do it quick, it will make life easier for employees and managers. With some basic rules and regulations in place, an internal wiki will help all airports over Australia.

    Awesome read, keep up the good work. Check out my blog at http://vatsalqutinb346.wordpress.com/

  2. Hey Nicole,

    Just a heads up when i click on your name it takes me to (i’m guessing) a prior site. http://nicolegardner265.wordpress.com/ this may lose some ping back comments.

    Great post, thankfully i saw it appear on the wordpress reader.
    Very informative on many levels. I especially appreciated the recognition of the required paradigm shift. Would you implement a bottom up or top down approach to implementing such a wiki in BNE Airport. It seems like your leaning towards a top down approach, employing management to promote and encourage use.
    In regards to organising the wiki have you thought about how to build up a useful folksonomy?

    Thanks for the informative read,
    Have a good day,

    • Oh really? Wow didn’t realise it was going to my old wordpress blog :\
      Yes, It appears that I’m leaning towards a top-down approach but to be honest didn’t think too much into it. I will look into this more.
      In regards to folksonomy, I haven’t put too much thought into this yet, however to encourage the collaborative nature of the Wiki I was thinking allowing users to add their own tags – rather than providing them.

      Thank you for the comment 🙂

  3. Hey there again Nicole, good post this week about the brisbane airport, as another above me mentioned it is very surprising that such a large organisation such as this has not implemented any sort of internal wiki structure. I am a huge fan of sourcing information from the wisdom of the crowd, I find it fascinating the way others think, perhaps i should have done psychology instead of IT. You made one point down in your post a little about implementing an incentive structure in order to promote employees sharing information. I think this is a great idea, in fact my current place of employment has implemented an incentive structure in sales and its going great. Thanks for sharing your opinion this week i really like the ideas you have so keep up the great work.

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